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Taking Care of Walking

About Derk

About Derk

Derk van der Laan, a Dutch expert and reporter, discovered that ordinary walking deserves more attention.

Van der Laan: "People often sit still. Their mind does not signal them to move. They get around by motorized vehicles. And should they go on foot, they do not get enough space."

Derk: "This happens in many countries. I am a specialist in urban planning, traffic and transportation. I love to write clear, vivid stories. Or short articles. I live in Amsterdam, but you can meet me all over the Netherlands. Or travelling through Europe. I am comfortable with the sounds and smells of life in India and the United States". COVID-19 brings new trends pointing in two different directions. On the one hand people walk more and are more aware about the goodies of walking. On the other hand a lot of people do less exercise, for instance because they cannot shop the way they used to.

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