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Okt `21: The pandemic and walking

During the pandemic the positive image of people going on foot got an enormous boost. More people walk more. But others get less exercise. Although walking is in, the implications of the pandemic are unclear. I was hesitated in publishing on this issue but I expect to write more coming year. Meanwhile I changed a number of Tips & Tools, like the tips to tempt teenagers to walk with  their parents. Enjoy. My Corona Walking Kit (see below) is still a good list.     



The list for governments to do. And for the public ( so you, me and others) to lobby for:

Forget measures that are too extreme to many people. Concentrate on practical issues, easy to explain and do not take much time to implement. We face difficult times. A lot of people are in financial or health trouble. They foresee a difficult future for themselves or their loved ones. They feel insecure and hate experiments. Finally, also consider campaigning on this:

This kit is based on my experience as an international expert in walking and a writer, looking around our globe.


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