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6/18: Amsterdam children healthier thanks to local policy

6/18: Amsterdam children healthier thanks to local policy

Overweight among children has decreased in Amsterdam. Thanks to a package of measures aimed at individual children and their environment, the percentage of overweight children at certain ages fell by a few percent. A trend breach. Going to school on foot or by bicycle at least twice a week was part of the effort. Plus more exercise, good food, a good night's sleep. Parents, brothers, sisters, schoolmasters and others: all are intensively involved in the program.

The responsible alderman, now leaving because his party (VVD) is no longer a member of the City Board, was Eric van der Burg. On 31 May, full of emotion, he said to the city broadcaster AT5: 'Of being an alderman for eight years, I am the most proud of this result. Our approach is now seen as an example for many other countries and cities'.

10 June 2018

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