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5/18: New tip, new tool

5/18: New tip, new tool

I have several ideas for new tips that make walking easier. For example, I heard this story from a friend. It is an old story. His father always went to work walking his bicycle at his side. It was only a few kilometres to his office, through a nice scenery with lots of green. He paddled back home and he liked the combination. Starting the day calmly and conveniently, thinking a little bit along the way.

Combining walking and cycling does not fit in the mindset of most people. You are unaccustomed to it. Whoever walks next to bicycle looks like a 'loser'. Bad luck, it is a signal of a flat tire or some other problem. Also, not a sign of pleasure.

Thinking and doing things differently a bit, walkers and cyclists could combine two ways of healthy transport more often. Why not? Organizing their day better or more pleasantly. Partly walking, partly cycling.

Complaint and compliment

An idea for a tool is an app where walkers and runners can express their opinion about the route, right before they have taken off their shoes. At home, or anywhere else. Before you forget it, please pass on your complaint. Or hand out a compliment and tell what was so good.

Of course, your report will automatically be sent to the road-authority involved. And you will get feedback on short notice. An idea for a small scale pilot?

May 24, 2018


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