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9/17: Positive reactions on my website

9/17: Positive reactions on my website

A few months ago, my initiative began. It receives a warm welcome. The sites and are only distributed in small audiences. Even in this stage I received a lot of feedback. Positive and, indeed, stimulating: 'Keep up the good work!', for example, is said.

"Together we’ll pick and choose"

Various people like to get an offer when the book is ready. The site is visited regularly. One pedestrian says "I'll pick and choose some tips & tools, together with a friend!". An experienced professional: "This is truly unique." Some online specialized magazines published the project, made a link. Quite a few responses come from the world of healthcare.

Fanmail from everywhere

Several relevant international organizations welcome my project. Besides Europe, I receive fanmail from North America, India and more. With compliments on the looks of the site and the content of the tips & tools. Some say: use fewer words, draw attention with flashy pictures and colors.

Moving on

In the near future, the emphasis is on wider distribution of the site. And explore collaboration with other initiatives. The book is in scaffolding. Motivated to spread this site further? Please! Let me know. Ideas, for example for a broad or just specific approach, are welcome.

1 september 2017

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