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4/18: Walk-to-Work Day

4/18: Walk-to-Work Day

In the first week of April it is happening in more and more places around the world: the Walk to Work Day. Many countries are now taking part. In San Francisco, for example, a record number of participants was reached: more than 10,000. There were over one hundred organizations in the Netherlands that had registered with the coordinator Wandelnet.

Numerous media are paying attention to the day. In the programme ‘Goedemorgen Nederland’ of broadcaster WNL, for example, I saw the Minister of Health, Bruno Bruins, walking from home to office. This is a habit he likes, he enthusiastically told reporter Lisette Wellens. Ankie van Dijk, deputy director of Wandelnet, participated. On that day, Omroep Zeeland repeated a number of times the item in which someone who lives outside the capital of the province, Middelburg, goes on foot to her work there.

12th April 2018

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