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5/17: Walk to Work Day successful

5/17: Walk to Work Day successful

More participants than in 2016. That is the result of the Walk to Work Day 2017. I surveyed the enthousiasm. On April 6 in a number of countries daily workers went by foot on their route from home. Or they walked part of it, for example leaving public transport or a parking lot a little further away from the workplace. Together with thousands, assisted by hundreds of volunteers. To draw attention to daily walking and to have fun as colleagues.


In the Netherlands the day happened for the second year. Elsewhere sometimes much longer. It began in 2004. Tommy Thompson, US Secretary for Health, started the event. For years he had the nickname 'Dr. No', because he opposed proposals of others. But on walking this Republican said: 'Do it. We can all live healthier, happier and longer lives'. He was followed later by promoters in other countries. New Zealand since 2009, for example.

Extra meters

Not everyone is able to walk all of the distance. Often too many kilometers, or the route is uncomfortable or unsafe. In the Netherlands only 4 per cent walks to work. And those who travel by bus or train, walk or cycle to the station.They also make extra yards when changing. Figures suggest that regular public transport users are healthier than others.

Nice colleagues

According to organizers, the interest increased again this year. In the Netherlands up 67 companies and organizations had signed in for the walking event. Coordinator Ankie van Dijk from Wandelnet on Twitter: "That morning the tweet  #wandelnaarjewerkdag was trending topic". Numerous photos with enthusiastic walking colleagues and photo shopped pictures were shared massively.

San Francisco walkers could go for 'free drinks' and 'free breakfast'. In several places (hubs) these small rewards were handed out between 7 and 11am.

For the agenda: in most countries April 5, 2018, is the following Walk to your Work Day.

( 24 May 2017 )

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