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Shoes on, and go

Going out with a purpose, combined with ‘just a walk’, is a good idea. For example, running an errand while walking means a productive use of time. What about the weather? In some countries, people enjoy walking in the rain. Like in India, where many films glamorize walking and singing in the rain. In the Netherlands, it rains less than most people think. There is no rain over 90 percent of the time. See:

See how others walk

Ask friends how they walk. Would that suit you? Take advantage of their tips. Search: #walking. Share tips in Facebook, WhatsApp-group or in with family, friends or neighbors.

Planning your footsteps

As the pedometer records and reports your moves, you can set goals. There are various methods

Learning from existing initiatives

Many initiatives promote walking. These can be anything such as charity organizations, governments and neighborhood clubs. TV shows, apps, vloggers and health gurus. You could check these out. If you are inclined, join them.

Using your groups

In many streets and neighborhoods residents exchange information via the Internet or in other ways. Comments, complaints and suggestions for improving walking can be part of this seamlessly. See existing groups on WhatsApp, Facebook or

Carrying a smartphone

It`s good to be connected so you know your whereabouts. Also, others can find you. Carry a smartphone and manage your walks.

Parking a little further away

Drive or bike straight to a spot where it is easy to park. But choose to take some extra steps. Instead of looking for a parking space close to where you need to be, choose a space further away. While others may have got stressed over the parking, you have taken a short walk and are relaxed. You are more fit.

Listening to health professionals

The World Health Organization and others have done research on how many steps are needed for a healthy life. The WHO knows how much you should walk, as a general rule. You can consult a health professional as well as listen to your own body.

Supporting initiatives, signing petitions

Numerous organizations  are committed to walking. Support them financially, become a member, donate. Buy something in their web shop, or adopt a trail. Citizens can start petitions to get support for important issues. See:

Convenient storage for walking gear

Store shoes and walking gear in a convenient place. In your home and your car. This way, you will be more inclined to use them.

Joining a walkerspool

In many countries, cities and villages you find walkerspools. Twenty years ago some friends put a small add in the Dutch daily paper Trouw. They wished to create a pool of walkers who could form groups. Now 4600 participants and an online newsletter flourish. 100 walks are avaible.

Playing golf

Many steps can be made at a golf course. Golfers often say: "I walked many splendid hours outdoors." Or: "For me the golf course is the only place to walk”. However, golf can be an expensive sport. An option could be minigolf, which is financially more viable.

Walking without stress for dogs(owners)

For those who might be afraid of dogs, here are tips on feeling safe:  1. Don`t make eye contact with the dog. 2. Don`t walk fast to avoid a dog that might surprise you. Slow down or stop. 3.. You can say: "I am offended!". Dog feces on your way?

Lessons ‘How to keep going’

If you`re over 50, there are more chances you may fall. Expert Rob Methorst suggests it`s good to be careful of future falls. Short prevention programs will help you to feel more confident when you are on your feet. So, you are staying the course.

Saving money by walking

Calculate how profitable walking is. No petrol or parking costs, and less tickets for buses. Imagine what you could do with this extra money as a reward.

Discovering routes on your own

Numerous individual walkers and organizations have devised routes for you. See: There are many routes and suggestions of trails, guides and maps. Like OpenStreetMap: it is a practical app for those who are able to read maps.


In many places volunteers plus professionals get more people into walking. You will, for example, learn how to run a group. Reports tell about great satisfaction from their involvement. Check out the examples: Walking Action Groups in Australia (State of Victoria), Green Walks in Canada.

Helping a senior and yourself

Ask someone out for a (Nordic) walk. This is a recipe for aging in a positive way. It ensures strong thighs, and beats a stationery activity such as playing cards with others. In other words: keep walking steadily and exercise your brain, along with others.

Looking for a walking coach

A walking coach works as a healer for those who may be feeling low or have more serious mental health problems. The professional walking coach offers a kind of therapy: "The soul goes on foot". Walk mindfully, concentrate on your steps and the surroundings help you to feel the freshness of the moment: "A good way to walk is also being mindful of the breath. For example, inhaling in three steps and exhaling in four."

A dog as a walking companion

Keeping a dog means that you will have to go out on foot, at least twice a day. Of course you should be a dedicated dog lover. A dog does mean quiet an investment in time and money. Many dog owners walk more and feel safe. They have company and socialize with others like fellow dog owners. In some places, there are special areas for people with dogs. Check it out.   

Getting rid of the (second) car

You tend to walk more if you don`t have a car. It also frees up space around your home. Cars take up space and cost money in terms of insurance, taxes, etc.

New situation (other house, work, love), better walking

Who needs to move can choose a walking-friendly neighborhood. Instead of a suburb from where you always have to travel kilometers to shops, schools and work. If you live in a walking neighborhood (all fairly close with many choices, not always having to jump into car or bus) you will be less likely to be overweight. Research shows that people living in a walking-friendly neighborhood are less likely to experience a serious traffic accident. Also, on an average they live longer and healthier.

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