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What should be done to make sure that everybody can walk nicely everywhere? Five recipes from my ebook 'Walking for Me, You and Millions More'.

* Building Community

All neighborhoods, buildings and other locations stimulate walking. They are made for it. Walkers know the routes, the obstacles and the solutions. Neighbors encourage each other to walk, and sometimes help each other. This is civil society organizing itself.

* For Everyone: The Nearby Bonus

Governments and organizations invest in space for walking and moving. They make the size of the Nearby Bonus ( doing much activities on a safe, walkable distance) as large as possible. The result of adequate spending of money, time and attention for a vital, common good.

* Promoting Walking: Leading by Example

There are examples and role models, like media tycoons. Besides thse big heroes, there are many smaller heroes. For example, those who are active on social media and give attention to walking. Or, those who walk with enthusiasm. Everyone is a potential leader in her or his own circle.

* A Tool to Slow Climate Change

It is widely recognised and appreciated that walking helps to reduce CO2 and particulate matter emissions. Optimal space for every person on earth becomes the norm. Besides more biking, also more feet are being used. The right of every inhabitant to good pavements and walking is realized.

* Walking as a Pleasant Consumer Experience

In the future there are more consumer items, for sale and for free. Entrepreneurs see many opportunities for business. Consumers have choices when it comes to walking: they do so, en masse. So: make good use of the ever-richer world.

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